Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques
Sometimes it's the simple things that make a project better.  Learning a few basic techniques to get you started.  Build on these techniques and your projects will look more professional.

How to Make a Simple Loop -  Click Here to find Step by Step Instructions

How to make a Wire Wrapped Loop - Click here to find step by step Instructions

Wire Wrapping Mandrels - Use tools to make particular task easier.  Make multiple rings the same size is so much easier with a wire wrapping mandrel.  Simply wrap the wire around the mandrel - slide off - and cut with a nice sharp wire cutter.  Starting the wire can be a bit of a challenge - try to hold the mandrel handle between your knees or in a vise and give yourself a little extra wire to hold onto while starting the first wrap.
This tool is available in two sizes for the most popular size rings.

Tool Tip  - Having the right tools will allow you to do the technique you want to with the best outcome.  Jewelry tools are more refined than household tools.  Example.  Chain nose pliers may look like ordinary household Needle nose pliers.
 but take a closer look - the Needlenose pliers have sharp ridges on the nose.  These ridges are great for gripping nails but you wouldn't want to use them on fine metals.  The marks that they will leave are very unappealing.  

The Chain nose pliers on the right have a smooth surface for handling the delicate metals that jewelers use.
Having the right tools will make the difference.
Find these jewelry tools at:

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